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Ricoh SG 7100 Printer with High Capacity or Normal Capacity Sublijet Cartridges

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**All In One Heat Presses
**VP3000 3D Printer Packages
**Sublimatable Cake Pans
**iPhone 4 & 4S Covers

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Small Format Package Specials (Sublimation Printers)
**Ricoh SG7100DN Package with High Capacity Carts
**Ricoh SG7100DN Package with Normal Capacity Carts
**Ricoh GXe7700N Package with High Capacity Carts
**Ricoh GXe7700N Package with Normal Capacity Carts
**Ricoh SG 3110DN Entry Level Package
**Ricoh GX7000 Package w/o Printer
**Ricoh GXe3300 Package w/o Printer
**Epson 1400 Bulk Ink System Package w/o Printer
**Epson 1400 Cartridge Package w/o Printer
**Epson WF 1100 Bulk Ink System Package w/o Printer
**Epson WF 30Bulk Ink System Package w/o Printer
**Epson 4000 Cartridge Package w/o Printer

Large Format Package Specials (Sublimation Printers)
**Epson SureColor
T3000, T5000, & T7000 Printers

**Epson 7890/9890 Package
**Epson 7700/9700 Package
**Epson 9800 Package w/o Printer
**Epson 9880 Package w/o Printer
**Epson 7600 Package w/o Printer

Ink Sublimation
**About Artainium Inks
**Artainium Inks

**SubliJet Inks

Sublimatable Items
**Adhesive Backed Poly
**Baby Bibs (Pink & Blue)
**Baby Onesies 100% Poly (Size 6-12)
**Baby Tees 100% Poly (Size 6-12)
**Christmas Stockings
**Ceramic Christmas Ornaments
**Doming Kit
**FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

**iPhone Cases (White, Clear, Black)
Sumsung Galaxy III I9300 Case (Black, White)

**Italian Charms
**License Plate Frames (Chrome) w/Inserts
**Mouse Pads
**Mugs (Ceramic & Plastic)
**Pet Bowl (Large Ceramic)
**Pet Bowl (Small Ceramic)
**Photo Bags
**Plates (Ceramic)
**Puzzles (Shiny & Cloth)
**Shot Glasses (White & Clear w/White Patch)
**SilverTree Jewelry (Silver & Rhodium)
**Tiles & Cutting Boards
**Tote Bags
**UltraWrap (For Large Pet Bowl)
**UltraWrap (For Small Pet Bowl)
**UltraWrap (For Shot Glasses)
**UltraWrap (For Latte Mugs)
**Unisub & Chromalux Products
**Vapor Apparel
**Water Bottles & Thermos'

Supplies & Accessories
**Mug Wraps (11oz & 15oz)
**Heat Tape (Clear & Blue)
**Plate Puck (4.5" & 5.5")

Transfer Papers
**1401 Standard Release Sublimation Paper
**Sub-Trans 95% High Release Sublimation Paper

**Cotton Magic Dark Inkjet Transfer Paper (Inkjet or sublimation ink)
**Series 2002 Inkjet Transfer Paper
**SoftTouch Inkjet Transfer Paper
**Cotton Magic Transfer Paper
**JetPro Soft Stretch
**Roundup Laser One Step no Weed Laser Transfer Paper

**Image Clip Two Step No Weed Laser Paper

Vinyl for T-Shirts
**Hotmark 70 T-Shirt Vinyl

Sublimation Coatings
**UltraTile Sublimation Coating
**Top Coat Protector
**50/50 Cotton Trans Spray


Metalnox Heat Press'
Manuals - Swingaway Execellence Line - Special designed for sublimatic transfer
**EL 350 (14"x18")
**ELI-600 (16"x20")
**EL 800 (20"x28")

**PTS 600 (16"x20")
**PTS 800 (20"x28")
**PTS 900
**PTA 700 (16"x20")
**PTA 850 (20"x28")
**PTA 950 (27"x39") with or w/o Suction
**PTA 8000 (33"x43") with or w/o Suction
**PTA 12000 (39"x58") with or w/o Suction
**PTA 15000 (63"x79")

**FastMax Mug Press (5.5" wide)
**Tagless Joe Garment Label Printer (2 3/8"x2 5/8")

George Knight Heat Press'
**Digital Knight - Clamshell Presses
**Digital Knight - Swig Away Presses
**Digital Combo - Multipurpose Swingaway Presses (Shirt & Tile attachment included)
**JetPress - low-cost, economical heat presses

**Automatic Production Presses - standard sized automatic presses
**Large Format Presses
**DK-3 Mug Press - full wrap

Roland Cutters
**Roland CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter

**Corel Draw

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**Sublimation Printers

Sublimation Ink, Sublimation Printers, Transfer Paper

About ArTainium UV+

ArTainium® UV+ sublimation ink is best known for its reliability and affordability. ArTainium sublimation inks cost-effectively provide professional results for those who prefer to rely on their own color management expertise rather than rely on a pre-established print interface and for those who require less technical support. ArTainium UV+ inks produce stunning graphics, quickly and easily, enabling your business to capitalize on the visual power of sublimation.

ArTainium UV+ Sublimation System Highlights
Color & Output Power

Get creative with color and output using custom ICC profiles that comes standard with ArTainium UV+ inks. Utilizing the Epson® driver, the ICC profiles provide creative freedom to control and manipulate output your own way.

Flexible Solutions

ArTainium UV+ systems are designed for the true graphics professional. With the ability to print in both Mac or PC environments, these flexible solutions work well in every environment.

More Ink for Your Money

Save money with ArTainium bulk ink systems. The EasyFlow® Bulk Ink system is available with ArTainium UV+ inks and provides a simple method to cut your costs per print by more than 60%. It’s an easy way to keep cash where it belongs…in your pocket!

"It is the aim of all of us at Coast Graphic Supply to finally bring to the market a cost effective, consistent, high quality dye sub ink that will enable you to produce quality products time after time. Please browse our site, and I hope we can be of help to you. Good luck & Good Pressing."

Screen Printing Supplies and Equipment

As well as Sublimation Printers and Heat Presses, Sublimation Ink also provides screen printing supplies and screen printing equipment.

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SGIA - Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

ARA - Awards and Recognition Association

TSN - The Sublimation Network

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