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What is doming?

Doming is the addition of a glass like shell to a decorated item. This could be anything from labels printed on an ink jet printer to lapel pins made from metal. The doming process depends on surface tension to form a bubble of epoxy on item being decorated without going off the edge of the item. The epoxy is then exposed to low intensity ultra violet light which initiates a chemical reaction that causes the epoxy to harden.

What's it used for?

Epoxy doming is commonly used for items like lapel pins, name badges and key chains. Epoxy domed labels are also widely used on appliances, automobiles, computers, stereo equipment and such. For many more ideas on how to use domed items visit the tips section below.

"Please be advised that we do not support the use of our doming system on ink jet paper products or regular ink jet printouts. This product was designed for dye sublimation and we also have customers that use it with resin printers and some color laser printers and engravers. While it is possible to use it on some ink jet papers and inks we have found in our testing that there are very few that work due to chemical reactions between inks, paper coatings and the UV epoxy. For this reason we will not be able to support its use on these products."


The process

Until recently the equipment required to create epoxy domed items was very expensive and was only feasible on large scale jobs. Due to setup costs and product waste anything less than 500 pieces was considered to small an order to be worth while, many companies had minimum orders in the thousands. Thanks to new low intensity cure epoxies you only need an inexpensive low intensity UV light source to be able to create the same products that only the big boys could a few years ago. That coupled with innovations that simplify application of the epoxy have brought it to the small scale factor that makes it feasible to do small runs. This opens up a market for short run items that was not previously possible.



While your epoxy has a use by date set by the manufacturer, you can extend this a bit by simply storing it in a cool, dark, dry place.

You can use regular rubbing alcohol and paper towels for cleanup of epoxy spills. If you drip excess epoxy on the glass plates, don't worry, once cured you can simply pop the cured epoxy off with a blunt object like a screwdriver, this is another reason to keep the glass coated with the spray adhesive, it allows for easier removal of hardened epoxy.

Product Ideas

There are many mainstream products that work great with epoxy doming, such as, key chains, stickers, lapel pins & name badges. There are also vastly untapped product ideas that are only possible with short run epoxy systems. Imagine giving a grandmother a set of small epoxy domed earrings with a picture of her grandchild on them! Or other jewelry items like a broach or a tie clip for grandpa.

Does your town have a computer shop that builds the systems they sell? Many cities have at least a few these days. Make a 1" square label with their name and logo on it, dome it and drop it off in person and show them that they can personalize their computers for a very small fee.

Domed labels can be sold to many service companies. Imagine you take your VCR or TV in for repair, when you get it back there is a small domed label on the back with repair company's name and phone number, next time you need service you will likely remember the sticker and use it for contact information. Domed labels can be used to decorate items you would not normally think you could use inkjet or sublimation. You can place them on calculators, letter openers and many other items that have a small flat surface.

The Complete Kit

EZ Dome II 120 Watt with 13"x12" cure area



Distributed by:
(805) 642-5585
(805) 642-2236 FAX

  • 120watte UV doming oven model EZII
  • 8 oz. bottle of doming epoxy (covers approximately 250 square inches)
  • 2, 2oz dispensing bottles and caps
  • 6 Luer-Lok dispensing tips (2 sizes)
  • Level
  • Timer
  • Download containing PDF instructions and QuickTime video instructions
  • Torch for bubble removal
  • Removable spray adhesive
  • Latex gloves

How much will it cost?

The suggested retail price of the complete kit is $799.00

What's the warranty?

We have a 90 day parts and labor warranty on the UV oven. Other items warrantee from the manufacturer.

What if I have questions or need help figuring it out?

Were confident that after reading the instructions and viewing the video that it will be easy to understand. However if you do still have questions or concerns you can contact us directly by E-mail at

Isn't most of the stuff in the kit available at local stores, and isn't the oven a converted keyboard drawer?

Yes, most of these items are available locally and yes the oven starts its life as a keyboard drawer from a computer shop. You see most people can't get into UV doming because of the costs. We have come up with a cost effective way to do this, after spending two years coming up with a cheap alternative. The time spent showed us that many off the shelf items would be usable and less expensive than dedicated equipment.

The end result is that you can produce very high quality domed items using a very affordable kit. Many people will be able to make up the cost of the kit with just the first few orders.

Now you have a choice between rigid and semi flexible epoxy when you re-order. Both are the same price.
Kits ship with rigid epoxy
EZDome II Large Kit
8 oz. refill epoxy


16oz refill epoxy
32 oz refill epoxy
MT-10 Microtorch
2 oz. dispensing bottle w/cap - 2 pack
Luer - Lok tips - 3 pack
Spray Glue
Round Level


Prices subject to change without notice

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